Early Jazz

The jazz that developed before the 1930s, a period which became its heyday of popularity, is now known as “Early Jazz”. This music was centered in New Orleans and then began to migrate to other big cities such as Chicago, Kansas City and New York. By the 1930s it ceased to be just a territorial phenomenon and moved to the forefront of American (and international) popular music. Collective improvisation had developed into a high art and the use of brass and woodwind instruments gave jazz a much more sophisticated sound and image.

From this music were coined the labels Dixieland  and Hot Jazz.  Today, these styles are often referred to collectively as Traditional or Trad Jazz. Gypsy Jazz is another modern term coined to describe a compositional style that was built around guitar and violin. The style gained acclaim because of European musicians such as guitarist Django Reinhardt and violinist Stephan Grapelli

 and their band, The Quintet of the Hot Club of Francei.