Texas Brown


Big-city blues and R&B originals, soulful vocals, a mixture of Texas shuffles, hard funk grooves and Latin rhythms complimented by smooth and jazzy horn arrangements. Johnny (Guitar) Watson meets Steely Dan. You will enjoy this soul-healing experience.

For those of you to whom categories are important, and for those of you to whom variety of style and influence is a blessing, Armando Compean and Texas Brown have a tune to play and a song to sing. As a matter of fact, the Texas-born, Houston-raised bass player/singer has a long list of songs to play and sing — songs ranging from driving Texas shuffle blues to tunes flavored with jazzy horn arrangements and Latin rhythm. Armando, who has a clear understanding of blues and jazz roots, is able and willing to blend the two with natural conviction.

Raised in a musical family as the youngest of ten, he was exposed to classical music, jazz and romantic Latin Boleros. His father was a violinist/bassist and set the musical tone and standard for the entire family. In addition to the musical influence at home, Armando gravitated naturally towards the local blues and jazz talent in the City of Houston, playing in some of the same clubs and backing such artists as Bobby Blue Bland, Albert Collins, Johnny Copeland, Little Junior Parker, Archie Bell and the Drells, to name a few. It helped mold the sound that is Texas Brown. One month I’d be playing in a top-40 band with Edgar Winter five nights a week, another month I’d be playing the blues in an after-hours club with Johnny Winter and at other times I would play jazz with Ornette Cobb, Jimmy Ford or one of the many local jazz artists. Having lived in Los Angeles for the past 30 years and being involved in studio work, road gigs, producing and just plain ol’ live performing has made him that much more solid. One of my favorite things about living in L.A. is that you have the opportunity to play and surround yourself with the highest calibre of musicians. It certainly has enriched my life. We think you will enjoy this music and its soul-healing sensation.

Texas Brown welcomes you to the Soul Zone.