Mark McMillen


Mark McMillen, known for his longtime support for both recording and touring with Bobby Caldwell released his 2nd solo effort as self-titled album Mark McMillen here in Japan under Cool Sound, the leading label for AOR / West Coast Music lovers. It was early spring of 1999 when we found his self-released 1st solo album titled It’s About Time suddenly. This hidden treasure was brought to me through my intimate friend named Tadayoshi Iwaki, the web master of Bobby Caldwell Homepage In Japan, when Mark came to Japan with Bobby Caldwell. Once I listened to the album It’s About Time, I convinced that Mark should be known as a solo artist more and more among music lovers. Now is the time! Mark Winkler co-writes 5 songs with Mark for this album, all of those are really great blue-eyed soul tunes. And for those who miss his 1st solo album, Talk Me Down and I Give In are included as bonus tracks. This is really recommendable album for those who love Bobby Caldwell