Les Hooper


Born in Louisiana with time in Chicago and L.A., Les Hooper has written for many different mediums over the years. A string of TV shows, movies, albums, and orchestral commissions along with a big band – with 7 grammy nominations to his credit, Les has achieved the variety he has longed for. And on top of this his main stay is commercials. Mercedes, Reebok, Delta, IBM, Acura just to name a few, the credits are lengthy.

The first big band album from Chicago, ìLook What Theyíve Doneî won him 3 grammy nominations alone. It was the first of four big band albums. Three small band albums (HOOPLA) and some arranging credits for groups like The Singers Unlimited, Don Ellis and Ben Sidran have added to his disc list.

Lesí band appeared in the Robert Altman film, ìThe Playerî and on the grammy awards show from New York. He has written the score to films like ìBack in the USSRî and ìRoadflowerî has had music in ìBeing John Malkovichî, ìAny Given Sundayî along with several TV shows.

Many of his arrangements and compositions have been published over the years and scattered through 9 or 10 publishing houses. There have also been orchestral commissions and wind ensemble pieces.